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Stifanuts Orchards Chile
Stifanuts Chile Walnuts 1
Stifanuts Chile Walnuts 2
Stifanuts Chile Walnuts 3
Stifanuts Chile Prunes 1
Stifanuts Chile Prunes 2
Stifanuts Chile Almonds 1
Stifanuts Chile Almonds 2
Stifanuts Chile Blueberries
Stifanuts Chile Raisins
Stifanuts Chile Thompson Raisins
Stifanuts Chile Flame Raisins
Stifanuts Chile Golden Raisins
Stifanuts Siberian Pine Nuts 1
Stifanuts Siberian Pine Nuts 2
Stifanuts Ukraine Pumpkin Seeds 1
Stifanuts Ukraine Pumpkin Seeds 2
Stifanuts Ukraine Pumpkin Seeds 3
Stifanuts Ukraine Flax Seeds 1
Stifanuts Ukraine Flax Seeds 2
Stifanuts Ukraine Sunflower Seeds 1
Stifanuts Ukraine Sunflower Seeds 2
Stifanuts Ukraine Honey
Stifanuts Mexico Avocado 1
Stifanuts Mexico Avocado 2
Stifanuts Mexico Lime 1
Stifanuts Mexico Lime 2

Certified Prime Food Brokers-Traders

Operating directly and in partnership in:

    Chile     USA     Mexico     EU     Turkey    Ukraine    India

Specialized mainly in:

Walnuts - Almonds - Dried Fruits - Seeds - Honey

Frozen Berries - Fresh Fruits - & more


Mauro Stifano


Bartolomeo Stifano

Stifanuts - Las Condes - 7550000 Santiago - Chile
Stifanuts Chile Walnuts Chandler Inshell

We at STIFANUTS love only healthy foods. So our broker - trading organization, deals only with 100% certified, healthy guaranteed premium food providers and purchasers.

With our international location presence, and dedicated expertise, we come face to face with producers, exporters, importers, distributors, industries, creating "peace of mind" and facilitating quality food supplying internationally, keeping best convenient market prices.

With STIFANUTS, you can eliminate any risk involved in your transactions, while buying at the most competitive price; in fact, you have included at your contract price without any additional costs: controlled premium suppliers/purchasers selection, fulfilling of any local quality inspection need, of customs operations, follow-up of all sales contract details.

Compare our prices and services levels, you will find the best market convenience!!

We thank you in advance for contacting us for any of our food products offer, you can contact us through our direct contact details above, or fulfilling your message here below.

Many thanks!

Stifanuts Ukraine Sunflower Seeds
Stifanuts Ukraine Honey
Stifanuts Chile Prunes
Stifanuts Siberian Cedar Nuts - Pinus Sibirica
Sifanuts California Nonpareil Almonds
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